Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cheesecake factory...Day 20

I've lost 8lbs.! Yesssss. Whoop! whoop! I'm hoping to lose the last 15 this week. lol

The past 11 days have been interesting. I've exercised 9 of the 11 days. While managing to travel and still fit it in. I've been surprising myself with it actually. I've been a runner in the past...running much further and faster than I have in the past couple weeks. This time it's different though. I thought I'd approach it more with a sense of routine and health instead of winning the race. In the past it's been about the minutes of the mile or how far. This time it's about getting out there now matter how busy. Figuring that out first and then going for the details. I have to learn not to pick myself apart. Just get out there and move and the rest will follow.

I've been reading some articles this week that Sophie Dahl has written. She was a famous plus size model who lost the plus and then modeled while itty bitty. She's put that life behind her and is now writting about life and food. Sorry Sophie, I have to count calories right now...

Over the past couple of weeks I've managed to allow myself to indulge here and there. It's just a reminder of how that stuff makes me feel. I haven't had a slice of pizza in about two months. That might not be a big deal for anyone else but living across the street from a pizza place and walking the streets of New's hard to say no. Especially when you go all day without eating. Yesterday I had a slice - it's not like it tasted gross or anything. I just notice that my body just doesn't feel as energized afterward. I realize this is not something new I'M discovering...It's just something I'm finally realizing is so totally true. I'm a see it to believe it kinda person.

My pizza fix -

One small flour tortilla 80 calories
1/4 cup pizza sauce 40 calories
1/4 cup part skim mozzeralla cheese 72 calories
192 calories for a pizza. 

Pretty awesome.

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  1. xoxoxoxo love you. so happy you came here and ran with me. love love love