Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do as I say, not as I do.

So, I'm back. The diet was short lived...

Listen, I did great for the first two weeks. I was eating healthy and running sometimes twice a day. Then the tour started...and it all went to hell in a handbasket. Look, I tried...REALLY HARD but when you're tour is sponsored by the Cheesecake Factory something has got to give. "Diet starts Monday!" wait, that's tomorrow. Yah, that's not gonna work. it handbag or handbasket? I feel like she used to say hand-basket. hmmm...

Just 'caus:

My hansome man, Teddy. One of his all time favorite things to do.
Jump into the refrigerator right before we're about to shut it.

bad teddy.

good teddy.

And then there's this other handsome man.
He -honest to god- sleeps like this.

Even when he relaxing watching TV...his little grump face. So cute.

Thank you babe...

I found this gorgeous bit of rope in Albany.
I saved it for a special treat and realized I never 
ate it. I have no idea where it is. 

Something that doesn't happen too often.


Randomly I had a day off in DC on July 22, 
our Momma's birthday. Liss, the Kids, Kevin and I 
celebrated with her favorite ice cream, Black Raspberry.
Cheers Mom. xoxo

I sure did love me some tan sweater this summer
... I can assure you I did change 
the clothes underneath.

they're like candy.

Laughed 'til it hurt in Columbus...that room was like 8x8
and probably foggy by the time we were done with it.

This is how they said, "goodbye."
They all lined up behind the wall, waving. 

In St.Louis I was able to have my Grandma and Aunt stay with Kevin and I. It was so special to me to be able to share something so meaningful with them. They had their own room overlooking the giant Arch, the river, and the pool. The Four Seasons had a casino downstairs where Grams won herself $150 bucks!! Thankx Aunt Barbara for helping make this happen. xo

What you don't see in the image below is that she brought back a little dessert from the buffet where we had just eaten dinner. I think Aunt Barbara is carrying it while she's taking the photo. Katie (one of the Idols) is standing right next to us-and though she just got back from her own dinner- grams asked her if shewould like some of the dessert she had taken with her. So thoughtful.

more to come...
oh one more thing... I didn't take a single picture while in Philly with Kenz or in NYC with Cathy. I must have been laughing too hard at the coffee shop to remember to take a photo and I'm positive that while with Cathy I was too busy trying to swallowing pig trotter. 


  1. oh babe, i'm lovin the update. keep it up please. keep taking photos. you will love yourself for it. you will. look back on it and it makes you feel good. i love you. i loved seeing you. even if it was for only an hour. xoxoxo

  2. I want that ice cream soooo bad! Come over and eat some with me, even though our mama's birthday is past.
    I love that we have blogs for each other. LOL!